Most times in life we fine ourselves caught in a bad place, literally between the wall and a hard place and we just panic. We end doubting ourselves and more often than not that doesn’t help, actually it never helps.

I had an experience where I was made to feel so small and inadequate. I began to have serious doubt in myself and it didn’t help me one bit, in fact it went from worse to unbearable and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I didn’t come out of that situation because I had faith in myself , but because I was at the end…the very bottom of despair and there was no where else to go but up. I couldn’t fall lower than the very bottom, I stood up because I had to rise or be buried and it’s much more harder to stand because you don’t have a choice than to know your worth and not allow anyone push you to the edge to topple over.

It is never alright to feel that way about yourself and anyone who makes you feel that way does not value you or have your interest at heart. We all need to take time out to appreciate ourselves and find value in our existence, because no amount of motivational messages will make you value yourself if you do not consciously make an effort to do so. It shows when you value yourself, there’s an absence of doubt and of course there is the presence of confidence that no pep-talk can ever give you.

Self doubt should not have any part in our lives, take time to discover how amazing you are, treat yourself that way and never settle for less. Then and only then will you walk with the confidence you deserve!